Welcome to Family Karate Taekwondo!

Family Karate Taekwondo has been proudly serving the Las Vegas area for over 13 years! We are a traditional Moo-Duk Quan school that emphasizes 8 valuable life skills: Discipline, Teamwork, Focus, Self-Control, Balance, Coordination, Fitness, & Memory.

Tae Kwon Do Class

Training with Focus Pads

We offer several classes a week to try and fit your busy schedule! Sign up for a membership and attend as many classes as you like! In addition to receiving traditional training, we also offer weapons training, Olympic style sparring & our exciting new T.O.R.C.H. sparring program, free with your paid membership!

Private Classes by appointment…

The Serrano Family

The Serrano Family warming up for a belt test

Family Karate also offers family members the opportunity to train together as a family! With our open ages classes, fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons can actively train, spar, test and stay fit with each other.

The Family that trains together, stays together!”

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FREE uniform with every membership!

FREE uniform with every membership!

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Team Ninjas

Team Ninjas learning to kick

Have a toddler and want something different than your standard after school program? Try our Team Ninja class where children learn valuable life lessons such as Bully Prevention, Stranger Awareness, staying fit, learning Taekwondo and having fun while doing so!

Family Karate Bowling League Winners

Bowling League Champions!

While we may train hard, we also like to play! Family Karate also offers other activities as well: Holiday parties, summer & school break camps. Plus we have our own bowling league! Both Master & Mrs. Miller are avid and experienced bowlers and have created a fun and enjoyable way to spend some time with their students  at the lanes!

Give us a call today and begin your journey towards a healthy life and earning your black belt!